Seeking a teaching position in Russia? Teacher Internship Program in “Mr. Freeman” – great opportunity to extend your portfolio and gain an invaluable experience!

Educational and cultural center Mr. Freeman is looking to cooperate with talented people from all over the world.

Mr. Freeman is a language school, which aims go as far as both teaching foreign languages and students' personal enrichment. Those aims we achieve through cultural events, international trips and summer camps.

We offer:

·         Russian lessons;

·         assistance in researches;

·         assistance in writing research papers;

·         internal education;

·         to refund 50% of the flight and rent costs;

·         competitive salary;

·         Personal mentor.

We expect:

·         participation in the project for not less than 7 months;

·         teaching English lessons;

·         knowledge of other languages: Chinese, German, French, Italian and / or Spanish;

·         organization of communication clubs;

·         active involvement in all Mr. Freeman activities;

Contact us:

Stepina Olga Borisovna

Tel.: +7 (865 54) 9-53-53